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Attitude is Altitude

21 Mar

This was the most moving video I have seen in quite some time. If after 4 minutes and 11 seconds I was inspired, I can only imagine the amazing impact that Nick has on audiences across the world when he holds events. Now this is a man who really makes you grateful for what you have.

Nick has a point. There are way too many people in the world who think they aren’t good enough — that they aren’t worth anything. I’ve been there and done that, and let me tell you that while it’s no walk in the park, I learned one thing pretty fast: you are the only reason you think you aren’t good enough. And before you’re like, “that’s not news,” hear me out. This isn’t a “you’re your own worst enemy” spiel, but rather a “stop blaming everyone and their mom and get over yourself” spiel. I hate to break it to you, but the greatest disservice you can do to yourself as a human being is call yourself a victim. Sure, I’ve been through hell and back in a lot of ways, and plenty of you have too, but we’re stronger than that.

If you’re unhappy with yourself or your life, try taking responsibility for it instead of chalking it up to a laundry list of “poor me’s.” Maybe you have been hurt by someone you thought you could trust. Maybe you have been through something traumatic. Maybe you have watched someone you love suffer at the hand of another person, or worse, an illness. But by using those things as an excuse to call yourself victim, you are letting them get the better of you. If you ask me, your haters and your obstacles shouldn’t be getting so much as a nod from you. If you’re going to make them a part of your life at all, don’t use them as crutches. Use them as stepping stones and rise.

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