50 Fun Facts

….about yours truly.

1. I’m a chocolate fiend… so much so that I’m not even hindered by the supposed fact that X number of insect legs go into each bar.

2. I have a puppy named Cooper and a kitty named Jazz.

3. Contrary to popular belief, I belong to no ethnicity other than caucasian: that’s right folks, I’m white. Plain and simple.

4. I know how to tie a hair tie into a bow using my thumb and two fingers.

5. I’m a psychology major… And before that I was a family & human services major… and before that I was a journalism major… and before that I was an english major. But I swear I’ve found my calling!!

6. I wear mismatching socks on a regular basis. Not for any reason, but just because I can’t seem to keep pairs together.

7. I have one younger brother and two older half brothers.

8. My younger brother is the reason why I love to watch rugby.

9. Speaking of sports, I don’t give a shit about them unless I care about someone on the team.

10. For whatever reason, fish give me the creeps.

11. I laugh at scary movies more than I am actually scared by them.

12. Only one movie has ever made me cry. Edit 2/1/12: two.

13. My favorite singer is Jessie J.

14. I pretend not to eat meat. That is to say, I have the irrational habit of turning my nose up at it frequently, but eating it regularly enough that I’d be cheating if I called myself a vegetarian.

15. My phone is always on mute so that I won’t stay glued to it. This method has had little success.

16. Monopoly Streets is my favorite XBox game.

17. The Monopoly board game, on the other hand, makes me irritable as hell.

18. I am an atheist.

19. I have had a job since I was 12 years old.

20. I’m a JD & coke girl.

21. Born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

22. I will adopt anything with fur. Beware.

23. I’m one hell of a procrastinator, but I always get everything done and done right.

24. If you ask me, the coolest candy ever invented is Razzles — first a candy, then a gum!

25. I transferred from UC Davis to Cuesta College to University of Oregon. Would have given anything to stay in California, but hey… Cal Poly’s loss! ;)

26. My favorite movie is Benny & Joon.

27. I’ve been told I talk a lot. I’ve also been told I’m very shy. How’s that for a contradiction?

28. I had meningitis as a baby.

29. At Davis, I was in a sorority, but it didn’t really suit my lifestyle. One thing I really do miss is the creative philanthropy fundraisers we would do.

30. I really, really, really hate Lil’ Wayne, except for the songs he’s only featured in.

31. I’m actually nervous about the apocalypse of 2012.

32. I adore children, especially toddlers.

33. I have never tried–and will never try–fake tanning.

34. I would sincerely love to shave Willow Smith’s head. There is no need for so much hair whipping.

35. My BIGGEST literary pet peeve is when people don’t understand the difference between their/they’re/there and your/you’re. They all have distinct meanings. LEARN THEM!!!

36. I make really, really, really delicious chocolate chip cookies.

37. Before this blog, I never let people read my writing because I was too self conscious.

38. My level of maturity varies, often depending on who I’m with.

39. I sleep with all the pillows and stuffed animals on my bed.

40. I refuse to sleep in public.

41. My dad is 12 years older than my mom.

42. I once beat my brother in a game of Madden ’08. Pure luck.

43. I sing in the car, and I think people who refuse to join me are lame.

44. My favorite beverages are water, strawberry lemonade, root beer, lemon drops, and JD & coke.

45. I refuse to eat processed meats such as hot dogs, bologne, deli meats, etc.

46. My favorite ice cream is ben & jerry’s phish food. Milk & Cookies is a close second.

47. I *love* decorating for holidays.

48. NyQuil gives me really bizarre dreams.

49. Pink and purple are my favorite colors.

50. I want to open my own private practice as a psychologist.

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