DIY: Inspirational Wall Frames :)

8 Sep

By Kim Smith

So a few weeks ago, I found these wall collages by artist Kim Smith that are more than a little awesome. They cost $20-30 a pop to purchase (and probably a little more after shipping) so I decided to just do my own little knockoff for about $10, and it turned out great! These frames are awesome gifts for friends (trust me, they love ’em) and cute decor for a college apartment or what have you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An old or stupid book (it looks better with yellowed pages — if you want, use Sarah Palin’s book and tea-stain it)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Glue
  • A wooden 5″ x 5″  frame — it can be basic or fancy
  • Ribbon(s) of your choice (you will use this to hang the make it pretty)
  • Colored Sharpies
  • Paint
  • Staple gun

Okay, first things first. Go online and find an inspirational quote. It’s better if it’s short. Mine, for example, says “don’t judge yourself through the eyes of others” because I tend to let it hurt my feelings if people say unkind things. It’s best to choose a quote that will encourage you in some way. If you’re a bitch and willing to admit it, maybe choose one like “goodness attracts goodness” (I gave this one to my friend for an entirely different reason — she’s a very good person. But that’s beside the point; we’re talking about you and pushing yourself to grow), or if you’re reeling from a breakup and feeling hopeless, maybe “believe in love” is a good one for you.

Got one? Okay. Now it’s time to come up with a background. For my own, I cut out a ton of celebrity eyes like some maniacal creep and made a collage. But that’s just me.

  1. Measure a 5 x 5″ square onto a sheet of printer paper using your ruler. This will be the size of your collage.
  2. Choose material for your background; think outside the box. What suits your quote? Old book pages, fabrics, magazine cutouts… all three?
  3. Tear the materials — they look cooler that way — and arrange them collage-style inside the square. Then glue them down.
  4. Then, if you used book pages, spice it up a bit by drawing on it with colored sharpie. Swirls, hearts, stars, bass & treble clefs..whatever shakes your fanny. Don’t overdo it though.. you don’t want too much going on, otherwise the quote won’t stand out.
  5. Type your quote out on the computer and choose a font. I prefer typewriter. Print it out and cut it out, and glue it to the center of the collage.
  6. Paint your frame. You might want to use a coat of gloss finish to give it a more chic appearance — otherwise it will be matte and pretty obvious that you did it yourself. Let dry.
  7. Measure the ribbon. How long do you want it to be? The craft will be hanging by the ribbon on a nail in the wall.
  8. Use the staple gun to secure the ribbon to the back of the frame. You might need a hammer to make sure the staples are tight.
  9. Cut out your collage, and put it in the frame.
  10. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it :)

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